It is not just a James Bond thing. A smooth bold blend of a German espresso 57, lengthened with milk then shaken over ice. Add a shot of espresso and you get a Zombie out of the grave.


Imagine smooth, creamy, and bold in one glass. Dark roast single origin organic coffee, cold brewed over ice, blasted with pure nitrogen and served. It is the Guinness of coffee!





This is where our baristas are affectionate and proud of the most. A dark chocolate milk blasted with a fresh pull of espresso shot, topped with whipped cream to seal the deal. If you prefer it smooth and flat, we finish it with a chocolate flower, just ask your barista.


It is common that coffee affection starts with the latte. Creamy and smooth, it combines the subtle strength of espresso with velvety steamed milk.





This is where our baristas are trained the most to master the art of micro foaming. Our cappuccino is warm, silky, and shiny. If you want it frothier just ask for a dry pour.


Created using our signature Italian Neapolitan oak wood roasted blend. It is a short simple shot of complex, intense and rich in both flavor and aroma of fresh warm roast.





Our select house blend is medium dark roast of Fair Trade and organic certified coffees. Our coffee is a velvety bodied blend with depth and a complex, and a multilayer flavor dynamic.


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